The second half of the 20th century at the heart of our inspirations

La seconde moitié du XXème siècle au coeur de nos inspirations

At Babel Brune, our vibrant and daring creations draw their inspiration from the second half of the 20th century. Each collection, influenced by artists like Soulages, Matisse, and Poliakoff, reflects our passion for innovation and creativity. Our local and small series production allows us to dare to make unique graphic choices.


Pierre Soulages, Babel One coffee table - Green & Burnt Oak

© Maeght Foundation Archives     


        H.Matisse, Blue Nude II Armchair 02-Babylone Pink

© Succession Henri Matisse, 2005


  Poliakoff - Abstract composition Wall hanging for Tikamoon - Tadao 90 x 135

©Timothy Taylor Gallery.webp


Memphis  - Bel Air, Peter Shire.                   Table basse Babel Two - Babylone Pink


Portrait of Marguerite Lesbats, Fernand Leger O2 Armchair - Summer 83 Tom

© Tessier-Sarrou