Babel Brune x Siléopta: artistic acoustics

Babel Brune x Siléopta : l’acoustique artistique

Creator and publisher of furniture and floor and wall coverings, at Babel Brune, we believe in the fusion of art and technique, for practical interiors that vibrate with a unique aesthetic.

Today, we are delighted to announce our collaboration with Siléopta, experts in acoustic solutions for over 45 years. Together, we redefine the acoustics of tertiary spaces by transforming each room into a true work of art.


Siléopta is recognized for its tailor-made acoustic panels, designed to promote creativity and well-being. Their ecological commitment and their dedication to placing people and nature at the heart of their development resonate perfectly with the values ​​of Babel Brune.

A Creative and Innovative Collaboration

Seduced by our strong and recognizable graphic identity, developed throughout our collections of upholstery fabrics and furniture, Siléopta has chosen to partner with us to integrate into its high technical performance products, this artistic and design breath that is lacking often to acoustic panels.

 Our exclusive collections combine aesthetics and acoustic comfort, creating spaces that are both beautiful and sonically efficient, while remaining faithful to our “Made in France” commitment.


Discover our exclusive collections: URBAINE, ULYSSE and CALLI, where each object, designed for acoustic comfort, is also a work of art in its own right.

Collection Calli


The Calli collection, designed exclusively for Siléopta, is a set of Indian ink drawings, available in a palette of elegant colors. This timeless collection embodies our artistic vision and attention to detail, in collaboration with the Siléopta creative team.

Collection Ulysse


With its delicate patterns close to watercolors, the Ulysse collection expresses reverie and escape. Available in two distinct universes – an ocher and mineral landscape, and a more plant-based and organic version – each piece invites imagination and tranquility.

Urban Collection


Worked with “sharp” flat areas, the Urbaine collection is distinguished by its dynamic geometry and embodies our vision of the modernist movement and brutalist architecture.

The two colors, Azurite and Mezene, breathe boldness and modernity into any space.

It is a signature collection that comes to life on acoustic media, thus reviving interiors with a bold and refined touch, notably thanks to the Azurite and Mezene colors, developed especially for Sileopta.

A Unique Sensory Experience

Each Babel Brune object tells a story. With Siléopta, we are creating a new era of acoustics where sound is transformed into an artistic experience, combining aesthetics and functionality.

Discover the perfect alliance of art and acoustics with Babel Brune and Siléopta, and let yourself be inspired by interiors where beauty and well-being coexist harmoniously.