Babel Brune X Squadra Club : La dolce far niente

Babel Brune X Squadra Club : La dolce far niente

At Babel Brune, we firmly believe in the magic that happens when creative visions come together to give birth to unique creations. We are delighted to announce our partnership with the new SquadraClub restaurant, a venue imbued with summer colors and Italian aromas.



Looking for a tailor-made solution, the Squadra project architect called on our skills to transform their concept into reality.
At Babel Brune, we aligned our artistic direction with that defined by the agency, resulting in the creation and printing of 47 personalized hangings. 
Each hanging, of different sizes and designs, was printed double-sided, highlighting our artisanal know-how and our ability to push technical limits. 

This project represents a technical feat where each piece is unique, reflecting the creativity and innovation that we bring to each order.
In addition to the curtains, we have made benches and bolsters in high quality basket weave fabric, treated M1 for their resistance and safety.
These pieces feature the emblematic shade of the Squadra Club: Arancio orange. 
Every detail has been carefully thought out, including the inscription "Dolce far Niente" on the edges of the bolsters, to recall the soul and motto of the place.
At Babel Brune, we are proud to promote French craftsmanship and textile design through unique projects like this. 
Our commitment to quality and innovation allows us to meet the specific needs of our customers while showcasing local know-how.
Whether for custom draperies or iconic pieces of furniture, our mission is to transform daring concepts into exceptional achievements.

 This project is not just a collaboration, but a true symbiosis between artistic vision and technical expertise.

We are proud to have helped create a space that embodies Italian elegance, relaxation and sophistication, inviting visitors to fully savor the art of doing nothing.