Babel Brune at Villa Cavrois

Babel Brune à la Villa Cavrois
A few weeks ago, we were invited by Maisons de Mode to an event organized at the famousVilla Cavrois, in Croix (59). A perfect opportunity to showcase our pieces in this inspiring modernist setting during an improvised shoot masterfully carried out by Anaïs from Studio Printemps.

Clémence, who is looking for the best angle to display our burnt oak coffee table; and Vero, who strikes a pose.


From left to right: Féline striped armchairs, Green Barbican armchair


Villa Cavrois, perched on the Beaumont hill, is a masterpiece of modern architecture.
In 1922-1923 Paul Cavrois, director of the textile industryCavrois-Mahieu et Fils, acquired land in Croix, on the outskirts of Roubaix.
He plans to build a villa there to house his family. He entrusted the construction of his family home to Robert Mallet-Stevens, a modern architect.
From left to right: Burnt oak coffee table, green Barbican armchair
Mallet-Stevens developed his project in 1929 and the villa was inaugurated three years later, in 1932.  When he designed the villa, Mallet-Stevens did not limit himself to the layout of the architectural volumes: he also designed the entire interior decor down to the smallest piece of furniture. In this, he pushes the concept of “total work” to its climax.
From left to right: Urban hanging duo, Barbican hanging duo


During the Second World War, the villa was occupied by the German army and transformed into barracks. Abandoned, the villa is prey to vandalism and is rapidly deteriorating.

Thanks to the mobilization of a preservation association, the State acquired a large part of the property in 2001.

Thirteen years were necessary to restore the villa and its park to their state of 1932. This exceptional project required in-depth historical and archaeological research, and mobilized the know-how of highly qualified craftsmen, in order to restore as faithfully as possible the design of Mallet-Stevens.


Marilyn strikes a pose on our Barbican armchair. She wears the wool suit "Roubaix" of her own creation Marilyn Feltz


As big fans of the 20th century modernist movement, it was an honor to place our creations among those of Robert Mallet-Stevens. We immediately felt the harmony emanating from the association of our creations with this emblematic place.
A big thank you to Maisons de Mode for the opportunity and to Anaïs for her keen eye and the quality of her work.
The Brown Babel Team



 Source: The history of the Villa Cavrois - Center of National Monuments

Photos: @studio.printemps