Wallhanging care tips

Maintenance of all headboard wallhangings
Wallhanging headboards  are made in our velvet suede.

  • If intensive use is expected, friction is to be expected with the bedding for example, we recommend the application of a waterproofing agent for textiles.
  • It is ironed upside down.
  • It can be cleaned with a damp cloth, taking care to restore the direction of the hair before drying.

Headboard wallhangings hook
It is initially thought of as a tapestry and can be applied directly to the wall with wallpaper paste.
Alternatively we recommend the use of double-sided foam stickers – strong adhesive from 3M.

Wall hanging portrait format - Babylon type 65x90
The hanging is supplied with a wooden bar passed through the upper sleeve. We have attached two small brass spikes to each package to fix this bar to the wall. It is simply necessary to install a point under the bar at each of its ends.

Landscape hanging hanging - type Ulysse 130x90
Our seamstress created 3 buttonholes on the top hem and down the length.
We recommend placing 2 or 3 large head screws on the wall, the placement of which aligns with these 2 or 3 keyholes. Alternatively, a sheath is also present on this same upper part, in order to pass a rod of approximately 10 mm in diameter. Said rod can simply be held by spikes placed under the rod, at each of its ends.