Coffee tables

As an iconic piece, the Babel One coffee table is available according to the collections through changes in materials, treatments and colors. Slender and elegant, designed with raw and durable materials, it showcases your everyday objects.


Fabric by meter

The fabric is at the heart of our creations and collections, and available in each pattern and each color. Bring the Babel Brune universe into your interior by personalizing your objects: cushions, curtains, benches, sofas... Let your imagination run wild !



A collection that emphasizes the work of craftsmanship with its watercolor-paint-style colour scheme, worked in canvas whatever the medium.

collection urbaine banquette tentures coussins


La collection Urbaine de Babel Brune représente une vision du mouvement moderniste et de l'architecture brutaliste. La répétition des formes géométriques et l'effet de perspective crée une unité visuelle à mi chemin entre la représentation et l'abstraction.

Wallhanging headboards

The headboard reinvented as a wall hanging, in an arc for single beds, in a rectangle for double beds.

A touch of inspiration to apply like a tapestry on your walls and bring them softness and warmth to fuel your dreams.



Our wall hangings are original pieces, available in each of our collections. The different wallhangings from collections respond to each other aesthetically and can be combined to form a wall unit.