Été 83 Collection : Overview and Genesis

Collection Été 83 :  Aperçu et Genèse

The 83 summer

No, none of us at Babel Brune will have known him... Except by proxy

It is indeed the atmosphere of the film Call me by your name by Luca Guadagnino, as nostalgic as it is aesthetic, which was one of the starting points of our new collection.

A collection that we wanted imprinted with this soft languor of Italian summers, of this time when digital technology did not yet interfere in our summer breaks.

Also from this era when interiors were still adorned with rugs, curtains and other treasures, and they were composed according to tastes and travels, perhaps more than according to trends.

To transcribe, in our own way, this aesthetic and these feelings, we have chosen Indian ink, a reassuring and millennial geometry, a game of superposition à la Fernand Léger, a vibrant white, navy and green.