Shared Obsessions: Textures, Light and Monochromy

Shared Obsessions : Textures, Lumière et Monochromie

Since discovering the work of Louise Nevelson at the Tate Modern a few years ago, I have never stopped coming back to it. A vague interest at the beginning gave way to a growing fascination.

Brutalist inspirations... We like Via Grafik and that this German collective has the habit of blurring the lines: design / art / graphics. I don't know about you, but we always ask ourselves a lot of questions about the place of one, the meaning of the other, in our societies, at home, in fact everywhere.

This is the winter garden of Jean Dubuffet
     This is our monumental crush of the day.⠀
From our tribulations in English lands, we come back with beautiful graphic memories: @joseph_connolly_ , Oil on plywood.

@elisauberti 's work touches us for a whole bunch of reasons. But above all, I think, because it expresses in a completely successful way what we ourselves still have so far to go: Balance.
We love itThe depth of Prussian blue chosen by Leyla FisherSo you won't blame us if we share with you his painting "Together" which gives pride of place to this color and the subtlety of textures found, but rarely so beautifully, with acrylic.
Brazilian Chairs Museum
We delight in the idea that the chair has its museum in Brazil, proof that we are not the only weirdos-aficionados of this 4-legged object. We like to joke that we have more chairs in our house than friends to sit them on. Which isn't true, okay? (or is it). 
THE RIGHT LESS by the talented @saarmanche 
We like the formula as much as the image...
             Pierre Soulages⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀If you know us a little it won't surprise you that we're telling you a little about Pierre Soulages here! I have boundless admiration for somewhat radical artists, because they cannot be so without immense courage and an assumed sense of freedom. Soulages is indeed a radical abstraction, in the service of Blackness and light.
Lifetime work, an obsession,
and a quest.