Interview with Élodie Brandt: Interior designer based in Dunkirk

Interview d'Élodie Brandt : Architecte d'intérieur basée à Dunkerque

Yasmine: Hi Élodie, you are an interior designer based in the North of France, can you tell us more about your job?
Élodie: As an interior designer, I work with individuals and professionals on decoration and space redevelopment projects.

I help them optimize volumes and make their living (or working) space both functional and easy to live in.
This involves simple advice on decoration and furnishing, the creation of plans and 3D models and even site monitoring when I have the chance to manage a project from A to Z.

Y: What does a typical day look like with you? 
E: Henri is more of an early riser so we are often up around 7:00 a.m.
Breakfast is clearly his favorite meal and he likes to take his time. The three of us share it.
Departure for school at 8:30.
I then often continue with my professional meetings or site meetings. In the afternoon I am either in client meetings or at the apartment to work on the design part of my projects.

At 5:00 p.m., I pick up Henri from school and resume my life as a mother until he goes to bed. I then take out the computer very often to work.

Y: What media do you draw the most inspiration from? How does this inspiration phase go?
E: I'm on Instagram a lot, which is a real source of inspiration. Pinterest too. I am constantly monitoring, I record Instagram posts or I pin things on Pinterest as soon as I like something, telling myself that it “could be useful for a project”.

I create mood boards at the start of the design phase to present to clients the colors and materials envisaged for their project.

Y: Do you have any brands you prefer to work with on your projects?
E: I love the worlds of Ferm Living, String System and Hay. Three brands that I am lucky enough to offer at L'Appartement and whose aesthetic corresponds to my own tastes in decoration and furnishings.
I also love TIPTOE and their magnificent bases that I regularly offer to my customers.

Y: We saw the Babylone Pink hangings come to life in your Appartment showroom, what was your first reaction when you installed them?
E: These hangings are so beautiful; and sweet! 
This is clearly the first thing that struck me when I discovered them: the softness of the velvet suede . I find that this material offers depth to the colors and gives them pretty nuances.

I installed a diptych of Babylon Blue in Henri’s bedroom; right above his bed. In the evening, he likes us to invent stories based on what we see there. For him, Blue Casbah is a big dinosaur and Blue Tour is a pirate's haunt.

Y: Does Made in France matter to you as a customer? If yes, why?
E: Very much. With Morgan (my husband) we have really taken a turn in our way of consuming in recent years. We pay great attention to the origin of the products we consume and which come into our homes.

We really made this choice “to buy little but to buy better.” » and to have more reasoned consumption. This seems essential to us in our current society.

Y: Do you have any favorite IG accounts to share with us for inspiration during this confinement?
E: Marie's account @petitsweet for its sweetness and its magic of the moment. The one of@hejustudio who carry out projects that are each more beautiful than the last with an absolutely stunning level of detail. I would love to reach such a level in my work!

The account of @mamieboude where each photo is nothing but pure poetry.
The account of @lauriane.bueb for its minimalist aesthetic which speaks to me enormously.  

Thanks to her for these magnificent images which illustrate the article and whose atmosphere we love. Élodie has become one of our ambassadors and we are super happy about it. 

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Or on his site .